What Is Your Domain Worth? The Top Domain Appraisal Sites

All correct things have to come to an give up, and this is additionally relevant to high-ranking websites. At instances, there is sincerely no point preserving them, certainly due to the fact there’s nothing left to discover. But just due to the fact a site is set to be shut down doesn’t suggest it have to go to waste.

One way to cash in on a closed web page is to promote the area name.

Of route, earlier than you sell your area name, you’ll must notify your registrar or internet web hosting company first just to ensure which you are not violating terms in your contract.

The next query you need to invite yourself is how do the price of a domain name? A right vicinity to start would be checking with an appraisal site. Basically, those are web sites that assess the cost of domains. Here’s a list of the maximum dependable appraisal sites:


This is one of the maximum relied on appraisal websites inside the enterprise. It claims to conduct 1.Eight million value determinations each day.

Estibot’s consequences page contains diverse area information (domain, SLD, and key-word) right down to its anticipated price. One of the most beneficial portions of facts at the effects web page is the provision of the area name beneath numerous TLDs. Other records the outcomes page shows consists of the common seek end result, and site visitors rank.


Another unfastened public provider appraisal site, DOMAININDEX additionally gives one of the most targeted effects web page. Domainindex is one of the few web sites that tracks the development of the area’s charge level, indicated via a line chart.

For those that need more complete results, they could join any of their appraisal applications. Their starter package, which permits customers seven appraisals an afternoon, is absolute loose. There are 3 different paid programs wherein users ought to get hold of signals, free updates, and portfolio.


Similar to DOMAININDEX, users can also join up for a starter appraisal package with 5 value determinations because the limit.

Aside from the same old information (e.G. Price, ranking, searches), this website also indicates the Alexa ranking. This is a rating device set up with the aid of alexa.Com that measures the variety of visits of each site. In valuate.Com, the Alexa ranking is displayed along the Traffic column.

These are just three of the main appraisal web sites. If you want a extra comprehensive analysis of your area’s price, a terrific concept is to apply several sites and base your decision on the common.